The v100 - Signal Peak Ventures Top 100 Venture Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be challenging.  Mentors, networks, and resources can make a significant difference in startup success.  In order to maximize the chance of success, entrepreneurs need a resourceful organization that assist them with the opportunity to partner, share, and collaborate.  The Signal Peak Ventures Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs, or v100, exists to help fulfill this need.

V100 Community

The v100 program has been designed to help entrepreneurs and Signal Peak locate and cultivate relationships among top business leaders and companies in the region.  Members of the v100 are chosen through a peer-nominated and peer-selected process; and have the opportunity to share their insights and strategies for success.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely business, and social networking provides opportunities to create lasting relationships.  The v100 community provides many opportunities for collaboration, partnering, and the exchange of business ideas.  Round table discussions and access to experts enhance entrepreneurial skills and business awareness.

 Selection Methodology

Organization of the v100 began in 2004, when leading members of the Utah business community were asked to nominate the top 100 venture entrepreneurs in Utah.  Each year nominators are asked to recognize entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria:

  • Individuals who would be most likely to lead a successful technology venture in the next 2-5 years.
  • Individuals with or without current involvement in a startup.
  • Individuals with ties to the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Individuals who may likely become a C-level officer of a new venture.
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